The AIPP is very happy to announce official partnerships with FreshBooks, a cloud accounting service;, an audio brainwave software subscription service; and Dreamstime, a stock photography agency.

These three partnerships will constitute the first three benefits that will be available to AIPP members of Silver and up. Details of the benefits are as follows:


FreshBooks is offering eligible AIPP members a 10% discount on a paid monthly membership to their cloud accounting service. This discount will be available on an ongoing basis for as long as the account is active. Members who are already subscribed to FreshBooks will not be able to utilize this discount, but will be eligible to receive two complimentary months being added to their account.

For many freelancers, the FreshBooks cloud accounting service is a valuable tool for easily running a home business and keeping track of invoices and expenses.


Dreamstime, a stock photography agency, is offering eligible AIPP members a 50% discount off the first paid month of any subscription plan. There is no minimum time commitment to the subscription.

This benefit is great for anyone that uses their blog to drive readers to their business, as proper licenses for imagery used on blogs has become an issue of increasing importance. It’s also great for members who are cover designers, publicists/marketers, and book trailer editors.

Brainfm is offering a 20% discount on any of their subscription plans, including their lifetime subscription. offers brainwave training music to help subscribers increase productivity, encourage relaxation, and help insomnia. Their free trial includes six half-hour sessions.

As freelancers, there’s no doubt we spend a lot of time on the computer. But while the computer and the Internet is our gateway to clients and the world, it’s also the gateway to infinite distraction. seeks to train your brain to either focus or relax, depending on your needs. was suggested to us by charter member Rachel Daven Skinner, and the trial was such a success that this quickly became one of the AIPP’s must-have benefits.

AIPP co-founder, Anne Victory, has been hard at work securing benefits, and we’ll post here on the AIPP blog as we add benefits. Interested in finding out whether you’d fit into the AIPP? View our Membership Information page.

The AIPP will be open for member applications on April 1, 2016.