April 1st is typically known as a special day filled with all sorts of hijinks: April Fool’s Day. But we aren’t fooling around when we announce that today is special for another very important reason…

Today is an exciting day for freelancers who work with self-published authors and small presses. Why? Because it’s the official launch day of the Association of Independent Publishing Professionals (AIPP)—a one-of-a-kind organization that fully represents the hardworking freelance professionals who are riding the wave of change in publishing.

The AIPP is an organization for independent editors, proofreaders, cover designers, book formatters, interior book designers, author assistants, book publicists, website designers, and audiobook voice actors who are dedicated to working with self-published authors and small presses. We welcome members who clearly demonstrate a commitment to the quality of their work and who have embraced the new self-publishing landscape.

We are different. We are not an organization for self-published authors. Our objective is to provide freelancer members with their own specialized organization, one that features up-to-date, real-world guidance; community interaction; prestige; business benefits; tools; education; mentoring; and valuable support so that they can grow and prosper in their field. Ultimately, the AIPP endeavors to be the modern voice of independent publishing professionals everywhere.

With the help of our charter members, we’ve been working hard to reach this important official first day in what we hope will be a long and productive history for the AIPP. Some of you have joined us already in our prelaunch phase, and we thank you for your insights and participation. As we move forward, we will have a searchable member directory that authors and small presses can access in order to find freelancers and an ongoing job listing where indie authors and small presses can post freelance work opportunities for members in qualifying membership tiers.

We hope you’ll consider the AIPP your home base… a safe haven where you can interact, learn, and grow to achieve maximum success.


Anne Victory

Crystal Watanabe

Nikki Busch