I know we all struggle with finding enough time. Whether it’s opportunities and requests from others or our own desires and distractions, there’s only so much time in which to fit all of these things.

Most of us start our careers in a place where we feel nobody knows us or wants to play with us. So when opportunity finally knocks, it’s easy to start saying “yes” to everything. However, you’ll quickly find yourself in place where you have too many opportunities and not enough time.

You’re going to have to say NO.

Would I pay to do this?

One of my clients was telling me she recently turned down the chance to do a big group giveaway. Ultimately she decided she has enough promo on her schedule for the month, but what really stuck in my mind was that she asked herself, “Would I pay Mel to do this for me?”

Even though she has me to help out, that opportunity wasn’t right for her and it wasn’t worth paying me to take care of it. Not every opportunity is right for you.

Another friend mentioned that before she lets herself get lost watching a video or reading a blog, she asks herself, “Would I pay to read this article?” If the answer is yes, she keeps reading. For me, I find that if the answer is “no,” then I probably clicked on that cat video because I’m procrastinating.

My husband and I took a budgeting class a year ago and have learned to make deliberate choices when it comes to our spending, so the question “Would I pay for this?” resonates with me. My hope is that it will resonate with you as well, but even if it doesn’t, the bottom line is that you have to evaluate what you do with your time.

Remember, you’re not a victim of time. You make choices every day, and the more you can learn to weigh your options, the better off you’ll be.