About the AIPP

Who We Are

Founded in February 2016, the Association of Independent Publishing Professionals (AIPP) is a worldwide organization that responds to the evolving needs of freelancers who work with self-publishers and small publishing houses on fiction and creative nonfiction projects. Our members include editors, proofreaders, cover designers, formatters, author assistants, graphic artists, voice actors, website designers, and publicists.

What We Do

We serve freelance professionals by embracing the new publishing landscape and providing support, education, mentorship, benefits, and community to help elevate the quality and reputation of our members, enabling them to succeed and grow. We welcome members who consider themselves first and foremost independent providers of fiction and creative nonfiction publishing services and are serious about the quality and value of their work.

Our Members

The AIPP is for dedicated freelance professionals who provide services to authors and is not a platform or community for authors, although some of our members may also be published writers. The AIPP strives to be a “safe space” specifically for freelance service providers.

Our Mission

Our objective is to provide members with their own specialized organization, one that features up-to-date, real-world guidance; community interaction; prestige; benefits; tools; and valuable support so that they can grow and prosper in their field. Ultimately, the AIPP endeavors to be the voice of independent book professionals everywhere.


If you’re looking for a professional organization to join to find support for your freelance business, consider joining the AIPP. Click here to learn more about our different levels of membership.

Starting a freelance business can be a scary thing. You really feel like you’re all alone out there, when in reality, you’re not.
Crystal Watanabe

Editor, Pikko's House