Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions–why wouldn’t you? Check out some of the answers to the most frequently asked ones, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to send us an e-mail at

What is the AIPP?

The AIPP is the Association of Independent Publishing Professionals. We serve freelance professionals worldwide by embracing the new publishing landscape and providing support, education, mentorship, benefits, and community to help elevate the quality and reputation of our members, enabling them to succeed and grow.

Why did you start AIPP?

Nikki, Anne, and Crystal started AIPP after realizing that current professional organizations don’t really meet the needs of people in the independent publishing industry. While there are a lot of fine organizations out there, they tend to have a broader focus across many industries, and thus the unique concerns of people working with independent publishers are often unaddressed.

What’s in it for me?

The AIPP is a professional organization dedicated to bringing together professionals who work with independent publishers. As such, we provide support, education, and networking opportunities, not to mention the cachet of belonging to a respected organization\\u2014most people look favorably upon businesspeople who care enough about their business to be involved in professional organizations.

What if I’m already well established with contacts and clients?

That’s great! That’s what we hope for all of our members to accomplish. Meanwhile, you can still enjoy the networking and social aspects of the AIPP as well as participate in ongoing education (either as a student or a teacher), and you can also take advantage of our other membership benefits.

I’m still working the day job. Can I join the AIPP?

Absolutely! Very few freelancers are able to transition immediately into full-time freelance work and often spend quite some time building their business before they’re ready to finally give their boss the proverbial finger. And then, too, are the freelancers who provide quality service for authors but choose, for whatever reason, to remain moonlighters. We welcome both!

Why do I have to have a website?

While the AIPP doesn’t strictly vet members, we do require a website with a top-level domain (, for instance). A website is critical for securing work in the self-publishing industry and is also fairly easy and inexpensive to obtain, so that requirement makes a good litmus test to determine whether an applicant is a good fit for AIPP membership.

Is this a lead generation site? Does AIPP take a commission?

No. While you may get contacted due to your membership in AIPP or you may win a bid on a project posted on our job list, that is not the primary purpose of the AIPP. As such, we will never ask for commissions on any jobs or leads acquired directly or indirectly as a result of your membership.

What’s in the future of the AIPP?

We’re constantly looking at partnership opportunities to bring more benefits to our members. We’re also looking to add education opportunities in the near future. Something else that’s on our wish list is the starting of local chapters and also a national conference.

Does AIPP have any plans to offer accreditation?

We’ve thought about it, but at this time it’s not something we’re planning to do. For one thing, our members come from many diverse fields. But even if we were all editors, for instance, the logistics of administering tests is just not something that would be in our scope.

Will authors be allowed to join?

Yes and no. Quite a lot of us also write on the side, but our primary focus, our day job, is our freelance business. On the flip side, a lot of authors have picked up some skills in book production and provide those services as a side business. In other cases, a writer’s spouse or other family work may help with administrative work for the author, but they don’t necessarily provide the service on a professional level. In the first instance (the dedicated freelancer who writes on the side), we are happy to have them as members of the AIPP. For the author spouse or partner who offers services on the side but is not focused on this as their primary business, we do not offer them membership at this time, and have no plans to do so in the future. Writers have lots of professional organizations that cater to their needs (the Romance Writers of America, Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, Crime Writers Association, Mystery Writers of America), but the point is that authors are not in need of another professional organization. Service providers who work with them, however, need such a group, and that’s a need that we fulfill.

Can I get a refund?

Application fees are nonrefundable. Membership dues are also nonrefundable unless an application for membership is turned down.