Rates & Best Practices

Two of the biggest issues we face as freelancers, no matter what our industry, are setting our rates and adopting practices that help us become more efficient. The more time we can spend working on projects, as opposed to administrative tasks, and the more we can adopt workflows that improve our accuracy and speed, the better off we are. On the flip side, setting rates is often traumatic–we may have no idea what to charge, how to figure out what we should charge, or how to raise our rates if we have the sinking feeling that we’re not charging enough.


One of our primary missions at AIPP is to empower and educate our members. That means comparing notes on best practices, software, project workflow, client intake, and… figuring out what to charge. To that end, we offer advice, education, and support to other members and also poll our members annually in order to come up with current, relevant rates guidelines.