Looking for computer peripherals, software, or just something fun? Take a look at some of our favorites!


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Microsoft Office is one of those products that you pretty much have to have if you work with documents. This is the non-subscription version, though you can also get Office 365 if you’d prefer.

Adobe has pretty much cornered the market on graphics programs. Elements is basic program for image manipulation and will handle most of your everyday graphics needs.

Kaspersky is one of the premier antivirus software suites available. Highly recommended.

Scrivener is used by a lot of people for both writing and also formatting e-books.


If you have problems with wrist and hand pain, or even tingling in your forearm, give a vertical mouse a try. It puts your arm and hand in a more natural “handshake” position, easing carpal tunnel.

As a note, there are other models on Amazon that are cheaper and may very well be great. This is the model that Anne uses, but do shop around!

Curious about trying a multiple monitor setup? This is a great dual-monitor stand that’s sturdy and easy to install.

Monitor glare can lead to eye fatigue and headaches. This screen slips over your monitor–no install necessary.

Carpal tunnel and stressed hand / wrist muscles and nerves is a nightmare for anyone who makes a living working on a computer. Proper keyboard alignment can save you pain and forced time off.


Punch Studio has some awesome paper products–sticky notes, notepads, blank note cards, folders–you name it. One caveat: if you have a paper addiction like Anne does, you might want to be careful!

Star Wars. Crochet. What’s not to like?

Kindle Paperwhite. One of the best eReaders out there.

Fresh Patch–a disposable patch of real grass for your dog to potty on. Great if you live in a high-rise or if bad weather makes it hard to take your pooch for a walk.